Epi Lockit vs Suhali Lockit PM


Battle of the Lockits!

  1. Epi Lockit!

  2. Suhali Lockit PM!

  3. Oops I can't decide too :p

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  1. Hi, Which lockit do u like best?

    Background Information :p

    I've always prefer Epi Lockit and think it's very stylish, understated + super maintenance free. I especially adore the slightly vertical shape it has. But to my surprise when i tried it at the boutique i felt it looks too "slim" and "long" on me :push:. However my friend said it looks great :sweatdrop:. (p.s. my friend has never consider epi lockit previously. and in her own words she said the bag looks Very Sleek when i was trying it. i trust my friend alot when it comes to style)

    The opposite story for Suhali Lockit PM lol. I've always not like this bag for some reason. I didn't even bother to take a 2nd look on it despite my friend always goes crazy over the bag when we goes to the boutique. I should have stayed away lol. Last week when out of curiousity i took the bag from my friend, after i took a peek of myself in the mirror i fall in LVoe :love:.

    The scary thing about me is that i'm so fickle minded. Super prone to rash behaviour. I really don't trust myself on this "battle of the lockits" :shame: so please help to vote and comment. Thanks !! :flowers:
  2. i heart epi.
  3. definitely the Suhali. the leather is exquisite and it's such an elegant, classic line. and the shape is nicer than the Epi's
  4. I agree with Sandra, the shape of the suhali lockit is more pleasing to the eye. I would love it if they came out with a similar shape in the Epi line since Epi is more affordable!!! :smile:
  5. I agree - the Suhali shape is nicer - I was sooo excited to hear that the lockit was coming out in epi - but when I saw the narrow vertical shape I was instantly disappointed.
  6. I voted for the suhali, I have one in black and I love it ... although I also love the epi in ivoire. Sorry not helping I know lol! If you fell in love with the suhali ... then go for it! It's gorgeous and tdf!
  7. My thoughts exactly!!:yes:
  8. i was hoping they'd release the epi lockit in the suhali size. unfortunately, i find the epi lockit too small for my everyday use. the suhali PM is subtle but very elegant. problem is the very huge price difference. nevertheless, i would vote for the suhali anytime....
  9. Suhali!!
  10. Suhali! I was deciding b/w black epi lockit & alma and also tried on the suhali lockit. I LUVVVED it, but out of my price range. The goat leather is TDF, but I'm wondering how "hardy" it is. So that's another factor to consider (important for me b/c I have 2 young boys). Good luck and let us know what you decide!

  11. Another vote goes to Suhali!
  12. i love the suhali lockit. it just looks so classy. i'd like to get one in either black or verone.

    anyway, ever considered the mono version? the regular lockit is pretty cute :smile:
  13. thanks all for the votes and comments :smile:

    hi caley i did consider the mono but the shape is abit "square" for me :p
  14. i definitely prefer suhali over epi but you can buy 2 epi lockits for the price of 1 suhali... so depends on how much $$ you want to spend on the bag.
  15. Suhali is exquisite!