EPI LOCKIT - Just picked one up today!!!!

  1. I stopped by my store for a visit today and my SA mentioned that she had the Lockit in Epi that arrived not long ago! I had no idea this was out BUT when I saw it I had to have it...I decided to go with the red to add something different to my small collection (although I must say the Ivory looked gorgeous as well!!!)
    IMG_3022.JPG IMG_3023.JPG IMG_3026.JPG
  2. Nice. I love the color. Congrats!
  3. Beautiful color!! Congratulations!
  4. It's gorgeous!!!!! Congrats!!!
  5. Beautiful! Congrats! Give us some modeling pics...
  6. Congratulations!!
  7. Beautiful!

  8. ahhhhh, GORGEOUS!!!! love the shape, love the color, love it!
  9. Beautiful....

    Its something i'd consider getting myself.
  10. Pretty!
  11. WoW Congrats!! That's gorgeous!! Love it!!
  12. Thanks guys! I have a question...on the LV website, the description for the Epi Lockit mentions something about "removable key bell". What is that supposed to be? I have never heard of that before and I am wondering if I am missing something??? =)
  13. That's a beauty! Enjoy!
  14. lovely bag! i saw it this week too! it's so pretty. congrats to you!
  15. It's a key's clutch... it is suposed to come with one! It's included with all bags that somehow may be dammaged by the friction of the keys, to protect the canvas/leather from them. If your's didn't come with one you should come back and ask for it at the boutique!