Epi Lockit in Red or Damier Papillon 30

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  1. Hi all, I'm deciding between these 2 bags. Which one do you think is more durable in the long term? The lockit seems more roomy, but the papillon has the mini pouch along with the bag. Please help and give me some opinions. Thanks!
  2. They are really different bags in terms of style. The Papillon is more "sporty" looking where the Epi Locket is sophisticated and elegant looking. Which style would fit your life better??
  3. I like both styles. I'm looking for the one that is more durable and could be used to work as well as casual weekend out.
  4. I like the Lockit better. But both are nice bags.
  5. I love the epi lockit -- and red would be gorgeous! Not a fan of the pap.
  6. I have an Epi Lock-it in Ivory and a WC Papillon 30. I voted for lock-it becuase it is so pretty, versatile, durable and not that common.
  7. I voted the Red Epi Lockit. Lovely Bag.
  8. Prefer the Lockit shape over the Papillon shape anyday! And the red is exquisite & different!
  9. I voted for papillon because I think it would be more of an everyday casual bag imo!
  10. I like the Lockit better. The pap is not always functional.
  11. I think the epi lockit would be so striking, especially in red!
  12. epi lockit. I love this bag
  13. I voted for the Epi Lockit too!

    Good luck deciding!
  14. I prefer the lockit, I just love the shape, so elegant but you could definitely dress it down !
  15. Definitely the Lockit!!