Epi lining Question

  1. I recently purchased an Epi Noe off of eBay. Is the lining supposed to be sown to the bottom or is it supposed to be able to come out (not completely out, but flip out so it is hanging upside down?
  2. Bueller, Bueller! Anyone know???
  3. Okay, okay stop nagging already [just kidding!] I was hoping some other nice person would go look at their Noe first.

    I got up from my chair, walked into my bedroom, pulled my epi Petit Noe off the high shelf risking it landing on my head, pulled the two little bags out of it and pulled the lining out of the bag. After having a MAJOR panic attack I found my Saleya and the alcantara lining pulls up out that one as well. And my Matsy has a cloth lining that pulls out too.