Epi line: Q? New Red and Old Red

  1. I was wondering if anyone knows when the "Old Red" Epi color was discontinued, and when the "New Red" color was introduced? Any pics of both reds to see the difference?

    Also, Was the "Old Red" made with only "gold hardware" or silver too? And same ? for the "New Red": The new red color bags....do they come in both gold/silver hardware?? Or just silver?? Just gold??

    Thx all!!!!!!!!!!!!:flowers: :flowers:
  2. I believe the switch was made earlier this year, or maybe last year. I know both were showing on Eluxury in March when I started looking at LV. I don't know about the hardware.
  3. So I would assume that every red epi piece out at stores now are the "new red"? No more old red in stores..or do you think there may be some..

    Just curious.

    Isn't the new red ....more red, deeper, more cherry red?? I found a epi pic posted on the PF saying it was in the old red...it was a nice red, but I noticed it had some black flecks in it (very minimal) and a bit of black on the edges of the bag. So this is how the old red was then?? I'm just trying to figure the differences. Any other differences?? hmm..
  4. I sold my new red Soufflot to purchase one in old red, I like the old red better, it has black edges and like you say black flecks over the grained leather.
    I don't think they made old red with silver, just the new red came in silver and gold.
  5. the new red is brighter than the old red. the old red has gold hardware.
  6. I love old red better but mine is new red I think. It's born late 2003
  7. Hmm...So yours is the new red?? So...I guess mine will be too when I get it. So the new red was made with gold hardware also?

    That's what I was trying to figure out...I was like...hmm the old red had gold hardware...but the bag I'm getting was the last one from a LV store...and it has gold hardware...So...then is it the new red????? Cuz now they're only selling the new red w/ silver hardware.

    Hmm, I wonder when the old red was discontinued, the year?? So, I'm assuming if mine is after 2003 it is the new red. LOL, guess I'll find out soon enough. Like tomorrow!!! WOO HOO!!!!:yahoo:
  8. I think the old red was discontinued in 03 or 04.
  9. I think they introduced new hardwares in 2004 but still producing the gold one.