Epi line not faked as much?

  1. I may just be dreaming, but my experience seems to be that there are fewer fake epis around, on ebay or on the streets.

    I guess it's either the line is not as popular, or it's more work to fake (the particular leather), or both.
  2. Maybe because the line is not as flashy? I think people who purchase fakes want others to know they have a particular designers bag!?! So basically not much of a demand for the bag?
  3. Maybe because it's just hard to tell whether it's fake or not? I mean, for any type of monogram, alignment, colors and vachetta weirdness is obvious, but for the epi, it's just colored, textured leather...I have seen some fakes on eBay that were pretty good...only sign of a fake was the heat stamp...
  4. :yes:
    but if you can get them over the net that suggests that there is still demand
  5. But that particular texture of the leather is not easy to get right, maybe it's hard to tell over a picture, but IRL... I'd say most epis I see on the streets are real, but the monos, well, I'd say a real one would be a surprise.

    And I do think that if they make a really good fake, it wouldn't be a cheap fake, i.e. they'd have to use real leather, so maybe not as much profit for them?
  6. there are enough epi fakes, but you don't get to see them that often because few people buy epi in comparison to the mono anyway and additionally epi stuff is more often overlooked for it doesn't carry monos
  7. I agree with Karman. I also think that the reason that there are fewer ep fakes is because of the texture. It would take too long for them to texture the leather. That's makes me like the epi more. Plus, it doesn't scream "look at me, I carry lv"