epi leather

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  1. I have never touched it or have seen it IRL...wondering what is it like...is WOW or just okay....people who have seen or own epi leather please tell me if it is really great...I love mono canvas but, want to get a leather LV piece...
  2. It's a lot different compared to vachetta for example. It's stiff, a little slippery but still has that ripple effect and feels undestructable. I don't know if you understand me, it's so diffucult to describe it :Push:
  3. is it wow or just okay??? do you love it or think is just okay???
  4. going through the celeb thread I noticed very few of them carry epi...angie harmon and pam anderson have the mandarine speedy and christina applegate has a red epi speedy...can anyone think of any other celebs and epi
  5. i have epi peices. and i LOVE IT

    its sooo classy.. understated.. very nice. durable. its great
  6. I love epi, it's one of my favorite LV lines but I don't really think the leather itself has much of a wowfactor like Chanel calfleather for ex. The wow thing comes more from the structure of the bag and color etc. IMO.

    Maybe I just have a different way of thinking, when I think of wow leather I think of softness, epi is too structured for that.

  7. are epi bags IYO wow regardless of the leather...right now I find mono and MC wow..so I am wondering if epi will make go wow nice bag...
  8. Almost all of them make me go WOW :lol:

    But I have to admit that some of the epis can look a little boring to me but that is where the color comes in like mandarin, red and toledo blue :love:

    I have these 3 and I would love to have more

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  9. Did you decide to go for the red soufflot?
  10. I love my epi pieces, and I think that they are "wow", but for different reasons than other leathers. For me, the styling is classy and timeless and I love the durability of the epi leather.
    I contrast that with my balenciaga, which is wow because it is so soft and supple, yet a beautiful deep color. However, I would not consider it durable or timeless.
    Does that make sense?
  11. ^I agree...the Epi leather is wow and nay for different reasons and it's difficult to compare them against other kinds of leather?! I too like that the Epi leather is durable, hardwearing and I do like the textured look of it (against certain colors). I like that it comes in a variety of colors such as yellow, blue, red, etc and brightens up the collection a fair bit. It stands up well against water (but not staining liquids probably), just wipe off and ta dah..good as before...But Epi leather's also a little more structured and not as soft as say the Vienna leather, and the little grooves tend to trap dirt (but that's ok...just some wipes and u're ok). Epi leather's also susceptible to wrinkling too, which may not be visually appealing to some..Love some of the styles that LV makes in Epi - like the soufflot, jasmin and passy :love:
  12. It's not screaming LV as compared to mono. It's very durable I heard.
  13. Yeah...it's very smooth, but textured at the same time.
    I loveee feeling my single epi bag.
    And it's so structured, and stain-resistant (well, water anyways) so I love it!
  14. I really like the epi speedy. Seems so much more structured than the mono version.
  15. not a lover of the epi at all.
    I would buy a speedy or pti only because i like the color not the material of the bag.