EPI Leather

  1. Hi peeps, im new to this forum.

    Im just wondering is EPI leather patented? I see a number of leather suppliers offering EPI leather and before I use it I need to be sure I wont have a law suit on my hands :smile:
  2. does anyone know??
  3. maybe do a google search or email Louis Vuitton?
  4. Ive tried google but no luck. I will contact LV.

    Ive noticed alot of luxury brands have there unique signature leather styles such as Prada also. There black very ruff dimpled leather on alot of there wallets.
  5. ive seen limited edition converse chucks using epi leather...so i dont believe so.
  6. Epi is not patent leather...but heard they will be coming up with a patented version of epi.
  7. Do you mean patent like shiny or patent in copyrighted?
    Epi is not patent (shiny), but there is a patent version coming out.
    I imagine some part of the epi process is copyrighted.
  8. Epi leather is a smooth leather which has been embossed meaning it has been pressed with a texured stamp which leaves the signature Epi leather design in the leather like a stamping process...whether this particular design captured with this embossing (i.e. the stamped design) is patented by Louis Vuitton or that the Name Epi leather is patented under copyright law I don't know...
  9. Thanks for all the advice. Yes I was talking about patent in the sence of copyright.