Epi leather

  1. What type of leather is epi leather? Is it a special type of leather. Forgive me because I do not know much about LV except that it looks nice.

    Also the speedy bags are made of canvas and leather trim. Does the canvas last and not crack or get discoloured over time?

    Thanks I am thinking of getting an LV and what to choose between a speedy and an epi leather...it is so hard to choose.
  2. They are both great. Epi is a beautiful textured leather & the canvas is tough as nails. LV has been producing canvas pieces for years & making beautiful trunks since the turn of the century. many of those trunks are still going strong. Don't be fooled into thinking that the coated canvas is delicate.
  3. the canvas does discolour a little bit over time...I have a speedy that's around 15 years old and she's a lil paler than my deauville who's two...but that's always gonna happen with the nature of any print
  4. My myrtille Epi speedy is coming next month. It´s so awesome to read that it´s a durable texture!!
  5. Gucci Gal-- thanks for asking! I was wondering the same thing myself! I loooove the black Epi Alma:smile: