epi leather

  1. guys, i'm still waiting for my epi small agenda in mandarine, but there is something that i've always meaning to ask, should i be spraying leather protection stuff on it once i've got it? it would prolonged the new-ness of epi leathers wont it? :confused1:
  2. I have never put anything on my epi leather. I think I have read that some people have put Shining Monkey on their epi. Let's see what others have to say on this subject.
  3. yeah, we dont have shining monkey here in australia, so i thought if its what people do, then i'd get something of an aquavelent here?
  4. Well epi leather is one of the best because it's quite durable. I don't baby my epi pieces and they still look new!
    I don't think you'll need to spray it, but if it provides you an ease of mind, I see no harm in it.
  5. I have an epi pochette and an epi wallet that I throw around a lot. They keep up amazingly well, and I have never used any spray or similar on them.
  6. missL - when you say that yours is still practically new, does it mean that it doesnt have any wear on it? like dark smudges on corners etc? do you have any picts? thanks :smile:
  7. Epi leather is pretty tough if I'm not mistaken. I've heard members here refer it as the wipe and go bag. Very durable.