Epi Leather Zippy Wallet or Monogram Mini Lin Zippy Wallet ?

  1. Hi, I've been browsing eLux drooling over everything I want to look at when I visit my first LV store in January... :yahoo: I think I've decided to go for the Mini Lin Speedy and an Epi Zippy Wallet in black. But now, when I look at the Mini Lin Zippy wallet and the Epi Zippy wallet on eLux, the descriptions are different... :shrugs: I thought they we're the same wallet, but different fabric/leather.

    Does anyone know if they are different? Looks to me (from the description, not the pictures) that the Mini Lin Zippy wallet has a pen holder and place for a passport, where as the Epi Zippy wallet does not...?

    I initially wanted a durable wallet, therefore the Epi, but from the description the Mini Lin sounds better.... Help please :yes:
  2. You may be confusing the Zippy Wallet and the Zippy Organizer. The Organizer is larger and has space for travel tickets. All of the Zippy Wallets are laid out the same inside. I think the Epi leather will be more durable than the Mini Lin (though it is very pretty). I have the Zippy Wallet in Monogram and I love it.
  3. That's the thing, I don't think I am.... :confused1:

    Here is the Mini Lin Zippy Wallet
    Here is the Epi Zippy Wallet

    They look the same to me? As far as I can see the Mini Lin doesn't come in Zippy Organizer...?
  4. I am going through the same thing! I am deciding between the EPI zippy wallet and the Monogram Zippy Organizer....and I can't decide! Ugh!
  5. I just checked the link as well, and I see what you mean. That's a bit odd...perhaps there was an error on e-luxury? That has happened before.
    Why don't you call the boutique and double-check with them to clarify if these 2 wallets are suppose to be exactly the same (feature-wise).
  6. Would love to call the boutique, if it wasn't for the fact that I have to call another country to get to the nearest LV :cry:

    Anyone able to check this with their store? I guess eLux made a mistake... but it would be nice to know for sure :smile:
  7. Hi, I just called one of the stores and asked them about the 2 wallets. The SA pulled out the 2 wallets and counted the number of credit card slots. She explained to me over the phone that she counted 8 credit card slots in the Epi Zippy Wallet and 8 credit card slots in the Mini Lin Zippy Wallet. The SA said the 2 wallets were the same and that they were both exactly the same size and that the Mini Lin retail price is a bit higher. Hope that helps. :smile:
  8. Wow, thanks so much!! *hugs* :smile:

    Then the info on eLux is wrong, and I can still plan on buying the Epi Zippy Wallet knowing that the Mini Lin Zippy Wallet is exactly the same, but not as durable :P

    Can't wait for January to come to see these two babies together, the Mini Lin Speedy and the Epi Zippy Wallet (black) :happydance:
  9. You're welcome! :smile:
  10. I think you should go for the epi than the mini lin. I wanted a mini lin speedy a few days ago, but after the tpf experts told me that its not really durable, I decided to go for an epi or a mono speedy
  11. You have a point, but to be honest I don't really like the mono speedy, especially because of the light handles. I know it will develop patina, but nah.. not for me :smile: I've totally fallen in love with the dark and chocolaty Mini Lin, and just have to get it! I like the fact that it's a new line as well, and it just looks so darn cute! :P

    As this will be my first LV purchase, and probably my last for a long long time, I will not use the speedy as an everyday bag, so therefore I think it will be ok... The wallet I plan on using everyday, so the Epi will be perfect for that.
  12. I think the epi, it's easier to match with other bags. The simple black will go with everything,.