Epi leather, what do you think?


Jan 5, 2006
I've mentioned before, that I've FINALLY decided on a papillon 26, damier, however, I've been looking at the Soufflot (black) on Vuittondotcom, in Epi leather, and there isn't a huge (well, I guess nearly double, but comparitively, the pap isn't hugely expensive to start with..) difference in price, so I was just wondering..

Does anyone have any thoughts on the Epi leather? Wears well? Disadvantages? I know the Soufflot seems to be about the same size at the papillon 30 (it also comes with the accessory pouch) but it isn't exactly the same as the papillon, and I really love the pap's lovely roundness, which the Soufflot is lacking, although the Soufflot has the advance of being leather.

Having said all that, I was looking for a brown bag, and the pap 26 is lovely and small.... but, the onateh pm in brown is lovely an small as well, but the fact it's suede, is putting me off (just due to how it will wear)


Any advice much appreciated!! :biggrin:


I love how the epi leather wears - in five years it will still look brand new. It's water resistent AND scratchproof, and compared to the canvas it looks very luxe. For this reason I think the Soufflot is a much dressier bag. What it comes down to is whether or not you are usually dressed casually, or if you're always in heels, etc. IMO only, of course.

And besides, the Soufflot comes with that adorable baby pochette.
I agree, I think that the EPI leather wears very well. The only down side I could think of it that my EPI Speedy has some wrinkles in it, but I think it is expected for EPIs in that particular shape.
I can say epi is my favorite LV material. But the Damier Papillon 30 is better than the Epi Soufflot. I went to check them out a few weeks ago, the Soufflot is very stiff, hard to carry on the shoulder even the straps are long enough to. It just look awkward on shoulder because it's so stiff and not easy to access things inside. Whereas the Damier is great to carry and you squash it under your arm, also feels lighter guess because it's not completely leather.