Epi Leather Scratched

  1. Hey ladies,
    Good Evening or Afternoon? :roflmfao:

    OK, I scratched my Epi before and the leather peeled off, since them I carefully use it. I had another bag and just realised I scratched it again, this one the peel not so bad on the bottom corner, just wonder any1 has same experience? Have u done anything after that? Can we have any glue apply to it to avoid more opening on the scratches? I can go bugging my SA friend, but just feel unnecessary, so I come to bug u all. Help help help. :sweatdrop: :sweatdrop:

    Thank You in advance. Appreciated. LV ROCKS! :roflmfao:
  2. Hi, major of my collections are Epi specially Epi Vanilla :flowers: that we all know it's easily to get rub. Thought nothing we can effort to avoid that peel while I treated them carefully :cry:

    O-o please don't apply any glue or something like that, you'll damage your lovely Epi...

    May you'd carry it more carefully to avoid it from another hard-thing?

    Anyway, don't you mind to re-sell your Damier Nolita? ;)
  3. Hey, u from Indonesia! Hello hello! Well, I'm closely related to Indonesia. :graucho:

    Gosh, instead of thanking u, I identified u 1st. Thank You!

    OK, but if Im not wrong LV can apply somekinda glue to avoid more peeling (maybe Im dreaming). I wont do anything. Just pain to realise it. But all my bags have been always have some sentimentil marking. Hohoho.

    Nolita? NO WAY! Syuhhhh ... syuhhhhh ... :hysteric:

    :yahoo: hehe kidding dear, again Thank You. I will be more carefull.

  4. Hi :yes: I'm from Indonesia, Surabaya, may you know? Hehehe, I hope LV can apply the rub, too but I ever brought my Epi Yellow Noe to repair the rubbish, you know, they suggest me to change the leather :confused1::confused1: and so shocked! The cost is up to 75-80% from the new one!!

    Anyway, just want to notify, be careful with your Damier Nolita. My friend has one and carried it to Japan on last November, and surprisingly, the handles peel-off! :sad:

    She brought it to Singapore Service Centre and the cost to change the handles around US$ 300, o-o...

    Wish LV store can help to repair your lovely Epi :yes:

  5. oh, about the nolita, i got this diamond ring and scratched the handle, so exactly like ur friend, the bag handle just horribly keep peeling off, almost feeling like im having a fake bag, hyak!!! how come it cost her so much, i went repair and it was only S$168 confirmed both handle, i left the bag in spore and im so worry as it has been raining there weeks :wtf:

    about repair, my dear SA friend told me, they able to replace just about anything as long the replacement item still available, some of the bag might not even worth it to go for repair, might as well buy new one ... :roflmfao: amazing rite?
  6. I've always said the scratching/peeling and wrinkling are the downfalls of epi.....You have to be careful in that respect. For years I've been using nail polish to touch up little problems. I wouldn't recommend everyone should do this, but it has always worked for me and it makes me forget about the problem......
  7. i think every bags has their up and down, but epi and vernis as well suhali are just babies which need more attention, thank u lola :wlae:
  8. wow i'm sorry! i've never heard of this has anybody got a picture?
  9. picture of? :confused1:
  10. I think a picture of the peeling is waht she meant. I am curios to see it too. I love my epi pieces & had no idea that they peel, I thought they were the most durable bags from LV. I haven't had any problems yet, but i haven't had a scratch on one yet. Another thing for me to obsess over :sad:
  11. Hi, thanks for your inform about Damier Nolita handles replacement cost :smile: I'll ask it to my friend :smile: She consign the bag to her friend when her friend visit Singapore & her friend asked that amount, so a tricky friend :rolleyes: Once again, thanks for this 'precious' information :smile:
  12. Woe, so sorry to hear that. I have always heard epi is so duarble. I have an old blue speedy that's in great shape...I will know to be a little more careful.
  13. :wtf: :wtf: What is the Epi peeling?
    I have several epi bags and have never had any kind of peeling?
    I noticed my newer ones seemed to get wrinkles quickly without much usage, but the peeling thing I'm reading about doesn't sound so good..

    Can you please post a pic?
  14. Hi, it's more like rubbish and more easily place on corner such Jasmin corner...I'll post you the pics
  15. Perhaps it's also a bit due to climate? F.ex the coating (on canvas styles) goes really hard in the winter here due to the low temperature and during that time it's more vunerable...

    the safest thing to buy seems to be the antigua lines. lol.