epi leather saint jacques in black

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  1. hey tpfers..

    need some help! does anyone know if i could still get the lv epi leather saint jacques in black and how much does it cost approx?

    when was this launched? saw someone carrying it and loved it instantly!

    Thank you!
  2. I'm sure the St. Jacques is a discontinued bag. You can find them on ebay or a consignment/reseller. It's a very unique bag.
  3. Actually that was one of my favorite bags because of its shape. It came in 3 versions. I like the one with the long shoulder straps. It came in many colors and you can find decent conditions ones for anywhere from $250-$500.00 on Ebay. It has been discontinued for awhile, so I am sure there is no chance that you can get a new one.

    Good Luck on your hunt, I am sure you will like it. It was very comfortable to wear also.