Epi Leather + rain = safe??

  1. So...(I was wondering..) Is the epi leather safe in the rain like the damier??:shrugs:

    Does the color matter, for use in the rain (black, mandarin, red, cannelle, etc.)?? Does it make a difference? :Push:

    I don't have no epi pieces...so I'm curious. :confused1:

  2. I really don't think so...
  3. I have had no problems taking my Epi bags out in the rain, the color makes no difference at all.
  4. Oh yes,it's safe:yes:
  5. So, I don't have to worry about getting any water spots?? I mean..if it were to get a splash of water/rain on it, it should be ok..?

    Thx all!!!!!!!!!:yes:
  6. i don't think the color matters, i take my lilac epi out especially when it rains and it's fine.
  7. Cool deal!!!!!! Thx!!!!!

    Thx everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:wlae:
  8. It was pouring here all day and I had one of my noes:graucho: with me. It looks as good as ever!:wlae:
  9. Just wipe it down when you come in out of the rain, or spill something on it.
  10. LV_addict, since you're like the queen of noe here, do you mind telling me if the suede gets really dirty =) thankies =)
  11. I must say that all my noes have been purchased used and the inside is MINT on ALL of them. I am guessing because it's man made suede material and not the real thing, you know? I just pick off lint, crumbs, etc. at the end of the day with the sticky tape and the inside looks spotless again. So far I haven't spilled anything in there so I can only speak for the dry mess!:P
  12. I had my red epi mandarra in the rain and it was fine. No marks or "bleeding" of the colour. I just wiped it dry and left it out to air before I put it away though.
  13. I use it a lot but even when the weather is nice, but my mandarin Epi Jasmin is my "rain bag" :yes:
  14. I don't have ANY problems with epi and water, I just wipe it off. The only thing that has happened to my epi is that it got scraped and well took off the color in a tiny spot and well there's really nothing you can do for that, long story involving me and my husband giving me a piggy back ride and then kinda falling, there may have been a drink or two involved...woops... Anyway, it was just a teeny spot, and the handy person that I am used a combo of orange sharpie marker and perfect colormatch of nailpolish to touch it up and pretty much all better (mandarin epi). So my point! don't worry about water, worry about cement!
  15. I have epi in 3 colors and have never had problems, they are my rain-proof bags!