Epi Leather Pochette Accessories

  1. Hi everyone! Im thinking of getting the Black Epi Pochette Accesories but I was wondering if the hardware only came in silver? I was hoping to get one with the gold hardware because it looks SO much more classy than the silver one :smile: Thanks in advance!:tup:
  2. hi irene...just got one the other day...it's really very nice even with the silver hardware...the sa in hk said the new model have silver hardware and the old ones have gold...i was also looking for the gold hardware. ;)
  3. You can call your local LV boutiques or the 866 number if you are in the US, but I *think* all of the black/gold pochettes are sold out. Your best bet on finding one is going to be to go the used route.
  4. hi barbi! thanks for the reply! aww darn! haha i really wanted one with the gold.. :sad:
  5. really? thanks! i know its just the hardware, but i really realllllly love it in gold! huhu :sad: thanks!
  6. I have the old red one, it has gold hardware. Maybe you could try to find first, then special order if you don't want a pre-owned one?
  7. I'd go through a reseller if you can't get one through LV's inventory, definitely cheaper than going the special order route.
  8. ita:yes: