epi leather petite noe or epi speedy 25

  1. I'm thinkin of getting an epi leather petite noe (red) or epi speedy 25 or 30. Which one is cuter? I dress casually and have a lot of speedy bags already. I'm leaning toward the petite noe in red. What do you guys think?
  2. if you have a lot of speedys already i would get the noe!
  3. I :heart: speedys.. so I say, go for the speedy
  4. I love drawstring bags and I love red - get the petite noe in red. "for me" :graucho:
  5. I'd choose speedy but since you have lots of speedys already, go for the noe.
  6. Epi Petit Noe! You will love it!
  7. i'd go for speedy, but if you don't want anymore speedy, go for the noe then
  8. Go for the noe it sounds like you really want it. I have the Epi Speedy 25 in red and I wear it with jeans. I think you could wear either one casual.
  9. yeah, i agree. :yes:
  10. Go for the Noe! :tup: I absolutely love my epi petit noe (brown), and I bet that it would be stunning in red!! It hold a lot, goes with everything, and is really cute - go for it, and pls. post pics when you bring her home!
  11. Get something different from what you already have.Get the Noe
  12. Get the Petit Noe :yes:
    I bought mine 5 years ago and still :heart: it like on the first day!
    I also have two speedies (Mono 30 and Azur 25) but I think that in Epi it is too stiff..
  13. i'd get the noe. even though its fairly close in size to the speedy, i think its much more practical (I have both and never use my speedy). If you think about it, when your bag is jam packed, its generally heavier, and personally, its easier to hold it on my shoulder than in my hand when its heavy. besides, you already have speedies!
  14. i vote for speedy.
  15. the noe...