Epi Leather Passy

  1. I really like the Epi Leather Passy, and plan to get one for myself. Wonder if anyone own it and share with me of what you think of this. Thanks.
  2. I do not own one but I think this bag is gorgeous!! :tup:
  3. I have it in Red PM. Its a really nice bag with useful compartments inside to put your stuffs. Go get it!:yes: Great for work! But I wouldn't say for wkends though...
  4. I have this bag in the black PM and I love it. Great for work and it's very chic.
  5. i don't own one, but it sure is gorgeous.
  6. Love mine! Its one of my fave bags.
  7. I have one in Ivorie & I :heart: it.
  8. I have a black Passy GM and it's really roomy for work. Can put documents and still have enough space for all my accessories..
  9. It is a great bag.
  10. This bag is just chic
  11. I have a red Passy that I love. It holds a ton of stuff (all my trinkets and toys and snacks for my kids!) without looking bulky. I've received many compliments from both women and men. I'm positive you'll enjoy this bag. Good luck deciding!
  12. Thank you. I will get it for SURE!!!!!!!!
  13. I have one in red and love it. I haven't used it for work yet...just going out shopping etc...It holds everything!!!
  14. Def a great bag!!! Loves it!
  15. I don't own one but i really like it!