Epi Leather Montaigne Clutch - Cassis

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  1. How do you like the new epi color?:tup:
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  2. for the clutch i prefer the other colour better... pomegranate? however.. i think this colour is more mature and it does look pretty too... depending on your personality.. the other colour is brighter and cuter... this colour is more mature and classy.
  3. I LOVE IT!! Can't wait till all the purple Epi comes out!!
  4. I like it,looks great with the silver hardware.
  5. it's pretty but not for me!
  6. I love the color - Kinda pricey, I think its over 800.00 for a little clutch - but still love it.
  7. LOVE IT TO BITS. I'm pondering whether or not I should get it.
  8. I like it, can't wait to see the colour IRL.
  9. love it! it's gorgeous!
  10. Love that color!! WOW!
  11. <---- Purple Lover, so yeah I absolutely love it! It looks awesome in the new "grenade" (pomegranate) color too!
  12. Does anyone know what styles this color will come in?
    I love it!
  13. Very pretty, although I'm not a purple lover!
  14. oh its so beautiful i have to get one
  15. I love purple --- so I definitely love the new Epi Cassis! I am trying to figure out which bag I would like in this color!