Epi Leather - Is it soft?

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  1. All the descriptions I've read state that the leather is soft. But from the pictures it looks so rigid and stiff.

    I'm getting really impatient waiting for the Gucci Hosrsebit Hobo, so now I'm looking at the Epi Speedy in Black. Anyone own this bag? Does it get soft and a little slouchy after a while?
  2. The Epi leather isn't as soft as the leather on a paddington, for example. It's not really that smooshy, but it does have a nice feel to it. I think an Epi Speedy will hold its shape better than a monogram canvas Speedy. I'm not sure how much softer it gets with use. I think Raspberry here on the forum owns one, hopefully she can help! :biggrin:
  3. Thanks! Do you know where I can get a picture of it? Euxury doesn't have it available in black, nd the picture on LV.com won't let me copy and paste it. I wanna e-mail it to my bf.
  4. Epi is pretty rigid. My SA told me that she uses leather softening lotion on her Epi and soften it up. Its just a flexible leather, but keeps it shape.
  5. You're not being annoying :biggrin: I don't know anything about the seller, but it does look legit. I'm hoping someone who knows a lot more about LV and the Epi line than I do can help. It's a good price, most of the Epi Speedys I just saw while searching on eBay are selling at similar prices.
  6. I agree with Cristina. I own epi Sepur MM and it was not as stiff as it look or as I imagine it, infact it was suprisingly soft. I am not sure how much softer it becomes as the bag get older and use more..but def the leather is not stiff and def is still holding the shape as it is (for the Segur). I don't own epi speedy so I am not sure about how the shape will hold up but def. better that the mono canvas. I hope this help.;)
  7. I own an EPI Speedy 25. The bag holds it's shape well, but there are some wrinkles in the middle part of the bag - which is natural for this kind of bag. I'm hoping to find a piece of cardboard or something like it to reinforce the bottom.
  8. Hang in there for the hobo...I just recently recieved mine:love: on a waitlist since end of Oct '05...it was sooo worth the wait!! I got to the point that I almost cancelled it..I'm glad I didn't.
  9. Cristina rox! :amuse:
  10. Just doin' my job and helping a fellow bag lover out :nuts:
  11. Christina is right. The leather is stiff because it's so thick. The handles on my noe are over a .25 inch thick. It's built to last!!
  12. It will depend which bag you get in the Epi Line....since there are two types of epi leather, a soft or more rigid type. The epi speedy or vivienne long (cute in red) is definitely one of their softer ones, as opposed to the Alma or Segur. Either way, epi leather is diff. from your traditional expectation of leather....

  13. it's flexible, not too stiff.i have the backpack and the jasmine- both hold their shape very well. i'm not sure i would want them softer. epi works best for a structured, more tailored bag. i can see how it could sag in the speedy style, becuase it doesn't have much of a "frame"