Epi leather in winter time...and which bag?


Which Epi leather bag to get?

  1. Epi Noe

  2. Epi Pochette

  3. Other (please specify)

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  1. I was just wondering, can the epi bags stand colder/wetter weather better than the monogram/vernis/MC (due to the Vachetta)? Is it relatively easy to maintain?

    I'm thinking of buying a black epi leather bag for the winter because I'll be scared to use my monogram bags...POLL TIME! (I'm on a budget, so I'll most likely be buying off eBay).
  2. Hmmm I don't own any epi bags, so I'm not sure, but I think they SHOULD be really sturdy and durable to beatings :biggrin:
  3. The Epi's are great in wet weather. I never take my monograms out when I know its going to rain. I don't like the water stains on the handles or straps.
  4. I voted for the noe. I think if you go with an epi purse, you should get one with color. I just bought the mandarin noe off ebay!
  5. Wow.. that must be pretty.. post a pic please...
  6. epi jasmin!! or segur pm!
  7. I like the noe, but in winter would you want something closed on top because of weather? I guess it depends where you live--here in northern California it rains all winter so I've been thinking I'll need a new bag with a zipper (like a red alma :girlsigh:).
  8. Speedy or Jasmin - so pretty!!!
  9. I reckon the passy or the Jasmin...in Moka...
  10. Speedy or Jasmine! :love:
  11. Style is so subjective...but epi is awesome :smile:

    And red is going to be HOT this fall! So I would go for anything in red!
  12. Epi is so durable. I use mine in the winter and I have no problems with it!! I have an epi Wallet too and its gets thrown around in my backpack when I go to school and even though its atleast 7 years old... It's in pretty good shape.

    I love the Epi Noe. I don't own one yet but its pretty cute!!!!
  13. epi is really durable! i take out my epi bags when its raining...
  14. hi karman..
    i own some epis bag.... now my fave is segur pm in myrtille.. love it so much.. its so durable..
    anyway i'm in melbourne... the weather changes all the time.
    speedy and jasmin will be nice too
  15. Thanks, but I don't really carry handbags in colours other than pink, black, white and neutral colours. Those colours match with just about every outfit I have in my closet, so I was setting my mind on a black bag :smile: I loveee the mandarin colour and the yellow/royal purple combo of the epi bags, but I'm not really bold enough to carry bright colours. I'm a classic type of girl.

    I really like the Segur pouch, but can't find one on eBay and none of the Jasmins are black on eBay (the one that is seems to be fake...and comes from a zero feedback seller). I *gasp* do not like Speedys (ahhhh *runs away*) in general so that's a no-go. I love it, but the Passy bag is out of my budget :shame: I'm only working a parttime job.

    So my only choice is to buy off eBay and so far I think the Noe is leading...so I'll probably settle for a Noe.

    (I live in a place where it snows a lot in the winter, so a zip top/flap may be a good idea but I could always just use my damier if it snows)

    Thanks for your input guys! :smile: