Epi leather conditioning and fixing scratches?

  1. Since there are ways to condition vachetta, I was wondering if there was a similar technique for (light colored) epi?

    I was also wondering if anyone has ever "fixed" a scratch on Epi, maybe not to remove it completely, but at least make it less noticeable?

  2. Hi, I've the same problem with half of my Epi Vanilla collections but unfortunately, the can't remove it. LV offer me to change the leather ( :confused1: ) & the cost is really high..! Up to 75% from the new one. Really horrible :sad:
    Vanilla scratch.jpg SSL10002.JPG
  3. I've heard of pfers touching up with fingernail polish, but that's all I've heard for epi. I love epi vanilla, didn't know it had this problem. bummer.
  4. My SO Black Epi St. Cloud was all ashy on the edges and was not repairable.
  5. ^ Does it bug you enough to stop using it?
  6. OT... Hi to another fellow SF Bay Area PFer.

    Ooopps... Forgot the other half of my sentence. Yes, it did bother me for awhile and gradually it got so bad I had to lay it to rest. I think many ppl on the forum would call it purse abuse. But, it wasn't abused, just really loved to use it almost every single day. Was my fav bag as it was SO and PM in size, perfect for my height and weight.
  7. :smile: ^ HI there!
  8. ^Hey!:yes:
  9. some of my epi pieces started to lose its luster. The LV SA told me that I should put leather moisturizer/conditioner on my bags. the epi bags looked much better after i conditioned them! the scratches were much less noticable.
  10. ^ Ooo, that's great to know! May I ask what kind of leather moisturizer/conditioner you used? I wonder if it makes a difference...
  11. The SA told me that it doesn't matter what brand of leather conditioner you use or you can just bring your bags in and they'll put conditioner on it for you. I had some Kenneth Cole leather conditioner at home, so I just used that.
  12. I am looking to buy a black epi leather bag that has some scratches. Has anyone tried like coloring the scratches in with sharpie or black shoe leather polish?
  13. I read on another thread LV is starting to do spa services for their all leather purses. I think they will even touch up/condition scuffed leather. I'm sorry I don't have the link available but this should be great for people with all leather bags that need a little revamping.
  14. Has anyone tried using leather conditioner on epi? How was it? Does the vachetta conditioner from LMB work on epi?