Epi Leather Colors

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  1. Ok, I think currently there's blue, red, brown, black, and mandarin, which I think is orange ...

    What were the previous epi colors, I think there was a yellow at one point... Also, is a new epi color coming out?
  2. there was yellow, green, vanilla, mocha, pepper, lilac...
  3. What colors are currently available? What is your favorite? What new colors are coming?

    I have been wanting to purchase an epi:yahoo: ; yet, I am not too crazy about the current colors. Because I really want an epi, I might just go for the mandarin. Should I do this or wait patiently for new color releases? The mandarin is actually cute.

  4. The mandarin is beautiful!! I had a mandarin Petit Noe, but returned it cuz it just didn't "do it" for me. But the color was so cute. Two fav epi colors are mandarin and red.
  5. The current available colours are: black, red, mandarin, myrtille, and mocha.
    Red is probably my favourite, followed by mocha.

    I don't remember the upcoming colour.
  6. As with the case of buying anything, only buy it if you 100% like it. Otherwise, hold out for a new colour that you will like more.
  7. the new color is cannelle i think? it's a cinnamon like color.
  8. Mandarin is my favorite epi color!! i looove the epi mandaring speedy!:love:
  9. Is mandarin a timeless color? I want timeless, yet, something that stands out:search: .
  10. Well I would vote for red. It stands out and it's such a "sexy color"
  11. Thanks Melissa! My friends suggested the red; I just ignored the idea. Thinking about it now, I should explore that option.
  12. I own the red Epi Speedy 25 and the color is so beautiful!! I haven't taken her out yet, but let me tell you that you would not be disappointed in the red.
  13. Whatever color I decide on, I am just thrilled at the idea of an epi. Melissa, are you aware of how they age? I am not too happy with how my monogram purses have aged.
  14. Hmmm, I can't answer that question. I just started my LV collection this May. I currently own the Mono Speedy 25, 30, Damier Speedy 25, Red Epi Speedy 25, and Popincout Haut. I first started using my Damier Speedy 25 and just yesterday I switched to my Mono Speedy 30. Here's a pic of my red epi speedy 25 and the mandarin petit noe that was returned:

    7-7-06 003.jpg
    6-7-06 004.jpg
  15. Love your Epi Speedy in red. Not to seem repetitous or upset you but I love the Epi Petit Noe in mandarin that you returned. As for the Mono Speedy, I use mine everyday and it looks it.