Epi Leather = Cheque book?

  1. Hi

    I am new to LV and I was wondering whether you could tell me if they do a cheque book cover in Black Epi leather and if so the cost


  2. I have a checkbook cover in epi. It has 3 cc slots as well. I think it was about 250? It still looks brand new and I have been using it for over a year.
  3. Thank you:flowers:
  4. I have one as well in the Mandarin Epi - its just great and I think perhaps its closer to $200? Looked on elux but couldn't find it.
  5. Loriw,

    So they do have a checkbook cover in mandarin? i saw somebody using it and been trying to figure out what it was called for a while maybe it has gotten discontinued. If your okay with it will you post pictures?:yes:
  6. I can do it this evening when I get home!
  7. Ok I found it - Its called the Pocket Agenda Cover (not specifically a checkbook but it works perfect for that). Here is the description from elux:
    Louis VuittonPocket Agenda$210.00
    Slim, elegant, and lightweight, this versatile agenda cover slips easily into jacket pocket, briefcase, or stylish bag. With three credit card slots and a long pocket; a classic week-at-a-glance pocket agenda and address book refill is also available.
    • <LI class=bullets>Epi textured leather with cross-grain leather lining <LI class=bullets>Three credit card slots and a long pocket on one side; a long slot on the other side holds a pocket agenda refill
    • 3.5" L x 6.5" H
  8. Thanks!, i can't wait to see the pix
  9. ^^ Me too:yes:
  10. That's it!