Epi Lagoon Beach Tote??????????????

  1. A while ago, I saw this bag on ebay and thought it was unusal and neat looking, so I put it on my watch list. Lo and behold, within a few hours someone had taken the $395 BIN. I wasn't too upset, considering I had no intention of purchasing it, but I stil know nothing about this bag and the line it came from. Any knowlege would be greatly appreciated!

    2002 Epi Lagoon Beach Tote.jpg
  2. Hiya, that is the epi plage from 2001? I have it and it's great for the beach. It is plastic epi with gold shimmer, white leather trim with little LV's pressed along the lip of leather. It has the brass hardware and feet. The little pochette has LV in the lower corner and two airholes so you can put a wet bikini in it. Pochette also has the brass clip so you can wear it over your shoulder or clip it to the bag. It is heavy, but I do use it every summer. It should also have the luggage tag. It came in red also and there is a towel holder style, the next year they came out smaller and orange and blue were introduced. I think we paid 90,000 Japanese yen for it at that time. Oh, it's made in spain. Do you want any photos?
  3. $395 was a steal if you ask me.
  4. I have this bag in Grenadine (red) - it's gorgeous. The collection is called Epi Plage.

    They also updated the collection in 2004 (I believe) and called them Lagoon bags. The lagoon bags came in two sizes and colors (gold and blue) and they were lined with a terry cloth draw string bag.
  5. Here are pics.
    Plage004.jpg Plage007.jpg
  6. The red epi plage is gorgeous. It looks much bigger than the one for sale on Ebay. The one on ebay was tiny I think. Not sure how much it would hold ?
  7. whoa, i didn't know that there was an epi plage... it's gorgeus... i wonder why they don't have it anymore.
  8. I Love This Bag, I Wish I Got It. It Is So Beautiful! ........I Guess My Ambre Somewhat Makes Up For It!!!
  9. They made more than just the beach totes, they also made a style that came (or was made to hold) a towel. I believe the original Epi Plage line also came in orange - but you don't see those very often anywhere.
  10. That is true to size, the pochette by it is a little taller than an canvas one. It's a decent size shoulder bag. I don't think the later lagoons came with the pochette. They were around for at least three years, just usually on display in summer or beachy type stores. The blue was really pretty.
  11. Here is one (PM size) that is available for sale from TheSnob.biz

  12. What a cool bag.
  13. The blue epi lagoon bags are td4. Nice bag smooth.
  14. This is the gold lagoon with terry cloth lining.

  15. oo:huh::huh:oHhH..when did ^ that come out?!?