Epi key and Change holder!!! How much can it hold?

  1. Hi guys,

    I was wondering if someone could please tell me what the holding capacity is of the epi key and change holder. I want to buy the new cannelle one just like the one up for grabs in the GIVEAWAY, but I want to know how much can it hold. Specifically can it hold about 3 credit cards and a razor phone, and maybe a car key? If anybody has one, some info would be greatly appreciated.

  2. it could hard the 3 cards but not your phone
  3. I was disappointed in my epi key/card holder. I can get my drivers license, insurance cards, and a credit card in it. I had thought about putting some money in it, but with the above mentioned items, there is just no room. To be honest, if I would have seen it in real life, I doubt if I would have purchased it.