Epi keepall 45 or Black monte Carlo loafers with Eugenie

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Which item(s) to take?

  1. Epi Black Keepall 45

  2. Epi White Eugénie wallet

  3. Other bag

Multiple votes are allowed.
Results are only viewable after voting.
  1. Hi!

    maybe, some of you remember me posting a thread about the Black Epi Keepall 45... I was in doubt buying this bag or not. My store here in Amsterdam imported this bag from Brussels now...

    I'm not sure now... I want to have the keepall or black Monte Carlo loafers and a Epi white Eugénie wallet... I want this bag for a long time, and I really need a black bag, but since I heard that the Epi keepall wrinkles very easily I'm not sure about this... I wanted to have the White epi Eugénie for a long time I'm not really sure... I can do only one option! It's the Epi black keepall 45 or the loafers and the wallet...

    Please choose for me!!! Or any other suggestions on a black bag around $1600??

    Thank you guys!
  2. Ow, by the way I need fast information! Going to pick it up on Wednesday!
  3. What about the Waterproof Keepall? It's a bit more, but it's really gorgeous...this is the bag my DH wants :smile:
  4. I'd definitely get the black epi keepall. I have black epi speedy 40 and I love it. Hope you decide soon. Choose whatever you like best. :smile: The correct selection will come to you once in the boutique. It always does.
  5. Black epi keepall 45.

    You'll get more use out of it and also, satisfy your 'need' to have a black bag now.
  6. The Epi Keepall looks gorgeous but I have seen some older keepalls that don't look very good. If you're worried about how it will hold up in time, then maybe you shouldn't get the Epi Keepall. Have you tried looking at Damier Geant for your black bag needs? Or Graphite would be a good option.
  7. keepall

  8. Yes, but the Graphite is just too big... I will use it daily.... May be the Albatros from the Damier Geant line will be good too! seems like a good option!