Epi Josephine - which colour?

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  1. Just a quick one today - I've taken the pictures from ThisVNchick - I hope she doesn't mind! She's been so helpful, but also not so helpful as I now want them all haha!

    So yeah, the question is in the heading - which colour? Fuchsia or indigo? I do like the piment but I've narrowed it down to these two! I love the bright pop of colour of the fuchsia, but doesn't the indigo just look so classy?

    Thanks in advance


  2. Fuchsia!
  3. I love the indigo, but that's bc I'm not into pink, looks like you like the fuschia goes better with your bag
  4. Go for the pop of color fuchsia :loveeyes:
  5. fuchsia!!👍
  6. Here is the photo you requested in natural lighting :smile:

    I would choose the indigo personally. If you're looking to get a pink wallet, you might be a little disappointed by the fuchsia, because I don't think there's much pink in it. All of the colors are nice...hence, I now have 3 :sad: If you didn't have a preference, going with any color is nice, but based on what you want, I think indigo might be better for now and you should wait for new colors to be released in this collection in the future. You don't want to settle.

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  7. Thank you, it isn't my bag though, I used a fellow tpf members pics! Stunning bag isn't it !

  8. Thank you all, it's gorgeous isn't it!
  9. Thank you so so much! I can absolutely understand why you couldn't choose. They're all truly stunning but im not an orange person. I see what you mean about the browny / raspberry kind of undertones with the fuchsia though. Definitely going to have to see both in person ! I might wait until my birthday in June as I phoned earlier today to confirm that these are part of the permanent line and they are :biggrin:
  10. I like fuschia. Good luck..
  11. +1