Epi Jasmine in blk or Shelton?

  1. Help me decide.. TIA :confused1:
  2. I love Jasmine
  3. My vote is for the Shelton! It's so unique and you hardly ever see anyone wearing it.
  4. Jasmin. Shelton is hard to get in and out of....
  5. I would go with jasmin
  6. shelton. oh god i want a mat blk shelton!
  7. I had the same dilema before.I wanted Shelton so bad in Noir . I thought I was out of luck. I almost settled for Jasmin, now I want shelton in Amber

    My vote is Shelton...it's so pretty..

    here's mine..

  8. I'd want Jasmin in other colors... so I'll pick Shelton in black
  9. This^^^ is the shelton? OMG....I LOVE it! How big/small is it...ummm...compared to a speedy 30? SOOO pretty! THanks for showing pics (I love it when everyone shows pics as I'm not familiar w/all the styles) ANd, OP...get ^^^^that!
  10. thanks bagsnbags.. btw if u don't mind me asking how much did you get yours for? what do you think is a fair price? TIA :p