Epi Jasmin

  1. Who here likes the epi jasmin? :wlae:

    Does anyone know what the original retail price is? I'm looking at a red one..is it hard to find a lilac one?
  2. i believe yeuxhonnetes wants one (lilac, that is)!
  3. I have a black one. I know Lvbabydoll has one, but I can't remember the color. I think mandarin.
  4. It's a beautiful bag!!! In ANY color.:yes:
  5. I love that bag! You can find the current price on eluxury.com.
  6. Yup, I have the Mandarin! It's in the Visual Aids thread..I LOVE that bag.
    The retail price now is about $1040 on eluxury. Luckily I got mine for Christmas when it was under $1000 lol.
  7. Isn't it a great bag? I think I got a great deal. It is one of the only bags I bought on eBay.
  8. Jasmine looks great in red too. i think they are about $1,000 maybe a little more.
  9. yep, i'm getting (more like fighting tooth and nail to get) a lilac one :yes:
  10. I've been looking @ this bag for years but opted for the epi speedy instead.....maybe next b-day I'll ask for the Jasmin, it is pretty! I'd like some new color options in epi though.....
  11. Me too! I'd love a baby blue-ish color or a light pink.
  12. Ooooooo either of those would be beautiful! Maybe another shade of green or yellow too! I have an epi speedy, pochette, cles, and pocket organizer in my fav. mandarin! and a pochette in my other fav. yellow....I'm bored of black and brown, red bags aren't for me and the myrtle is pretty (and my husband really seems to like it) but I already have some medium and darker blue bags....I'm DYING for more epi colors!!! I don't need anymore mandarin....
  13. I really like the shape of this bag, I just haven't gotten around to checking it off my list of bought bags yet ! :graucho:
  14. It's a great bag. Totally worth it. $1040 right now.
  15. that's exactly where I am with it! one of these days maybe I'll get it, I just keep comming up on something I either like better or that I like just as much that's more useful to me (like shoulder bags, I'm not good with handheld bags)......the only problem is that the price has gone up $300 since I first liked it.....oh well....
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