epi jasmin with silver?

  1. e-luxury has been out of the red one for awhile so i've been stalking them to see when they would restock. they have, but the option is red/silver. is that new? i've only seen it in red/gold. does anyone know if that mean the red/gold is discontinued?
  2. ^Yes, the gold hardware is discontinued. If you want it, you might be able to request for one at a boutique.
  3. It's a shame it's been discontinued. Red goes better with gold IMO.
  4. ^^^I agree. Most the other colors work well with silver but I think the red one looks much better with the gold. Boooooo.....now I have to go searching for it!
  5. I wanted a red Jasmin but don't have the $$ for it right now. I'd want it with the gold hardware though.
  6. Yep, LV's replacing the gold hardware with silver. Why, I don't know...I personally think the gold looked better.
  7. I think it's MJ's influence. All his bags are now going from silver to gold--to change things up. So he's probably doing the same idea with LV, but the opposite...

    If you call 1-866-VUITTON, I'm sure they can find a red/gold jasmin for you.
  8. What do you think of the jasmin in mandarin? I haven't seen it in person, but I really like the size and shape of the jasmin. I think it would be a great work bag. Any thoughts?
  9. Is it ALL the bags or just the epi?
  10. i have it in black with gold hardware. i love it. if you carry a larger bag for files etc then the jasmine is just right. it is a medium to small size bag, so if you need to put more than wallet, keys, checkbook it gets a little tight.
  11. Apparently all of the new Epi's will have silver hardware, so if you see something with gold that you like, better snap it up!
  12. I think it's because palladium doesn't lose color as easily as plated brass..?
  13. i think i'm in the minority, but i think the silver hardware looks better for red epi. something about the red/silver combo looks much more modern.