Epi Jasmin vs. Speedy

  1. So I've been looking at the Epi line, and so far the only bags really calling to me are the Speedy and the Jasmin.

    I love Speedies, I have two already - Damier and Cerises. I could get an Epi Speedy, but thought the Jasmin might be a nice change. Its shape makes it a bit more formal IMO, but that might not be a bad thing.

    Oh, how I wish there was an Epi Duomo! How sweet would that be? :love:

    My question is, does the Jasmin hold as much stuff as the Speedy? Or almost as much? After my experience with the Ellipse PM (which I still love, but was too small), I know that more structured bags sometimes hold less, even though the measurements are approximately the same.

    For those who have the Jasmin, how do you like it? Where do you wear it most? What color do you have? I'm tempted by the Myrtille, just because it's different...:graucho:
  2. The jasmine is gorgeous. I think it would hold less than a Speedy due to its size/shape. :flowers:
  3. I love my red Jasmin. :heart: I don't own the speedy but I did look at it in the store, and I'd say the speedy definitely holds more than the Jasmin.

    In my Jasmin I usually carry -- my cell phone, wallet, checkbook, extra card holder, 3 sets of keys, a little bit of makeup, and sunglasses (w/out the case). If I wanted to, I could squeeze my ipod and headphones in there.
  4. I have an epi speedy and chose it over the Jasmin because I just saw myself using it more than the Jasmin (which I have loved but passed on many many times for some reason) I just hate having bags that I Love but avoid using for certain reasons......I am in a corporate environment, however it tends to be more on the casual side and I feel like the Jasmin can be a little to formal and kinda older than my everyday style, I think I would go for a Chanel if I wanted something more like that.....BUT if my DH surprised me with it I wouldn't exchange it! This probably didn't help you at all.....
  5. My personal experience:

    Epi speedy 25 has a narrower opening than the regular Mono speedy and it is hard to get stuff in and out.
  6. I saw both in person and definitely think the speedy is roomier. It depends on which one you use it more too. I know a lot of people here get bags they'd use.
  7. Oooh! That's very helpful to know. Thank you!:flowers:
  8. I have both. The epi jasmin holds much less, but I like it better. The opening on the jasmin is actually bigger, making it easier to get things in and out.
    I find the look of the Jasmin to be sleek and stylish, but not old or formal. Of course, I have it in red, with is less likely to appear old/formal....
  9. One more thought--have you considered the epi alma? It's sort of the best of both worlds....
  10. I agree....for something different. I see epi Jasmins quite frequently in Boston, but epi almas are less common imho. If you're concerned about space and want a change from the speedy, I would go with the alma. It is elegant and so classic in the epi :o)
  11. that's strange, I don't find that to be true at all...the epi speedy 25 is slightly larger that the mono speedy 25, but the zippers run the same length....:shrugs:
  12. I keep trying to like the Alma, but I just don't. Something about it looks old-ladyish to me.
  13. Exactly...
  14. You're right....my epi speedy 25 appears to be longer in length than the mono speedy 25 that I used to own. However, b/c epi is much more stiff than mono canvas, it seems like it is narrower, ykwim?
  15. My understanding is the epi zipper doesn't go all the way to both ends which makes it harder to get in and out. Just my guess. :nuts: