Epi Jasmin vs. Mono Mat Shelton

  1. I've always wanted to purchase the Epi Jasmin (Black or Red) since my mom told me that she thought it was a beautiful bag (but I keep getting sidetracked by OTHER beautiful bags :graucho: ), but today, I seem to have developed an interest in the Monogram Mat Shelton Noir. Help!! :wtf: I feel they're both beautiful, but I don't know which one to choose!! :shrugs: Can anyone please provide input?? Thank you!! :tender:
  2. I would choose epi over mat anyday.
  3. My vote for jasmin
  4. Epi Jasmin!
  5. I like the look of Mat Shelton more but it's discontinued right?
  6. epi! love the epi jasmin, I too keep getting sidetracked from it, almost got a vanilla one 3 years ago, but since then fell in love with the mandarin and wound up with the speedy in it, maybe one of these days I'll get a Jasmin too as long as the price doesn't double like it nearly has in the past few years......but LOVE the epi hands down!
  7. Jasmin for sure!!
  8. Re: Lee69
    I called 866-Vuitton and they said there are a 'few more left'.. which is why I'm so anxious/confused!!! Mom just popped by to look at the photos and she said that she now likes the Mono Mat more!
  9. i have the Mat Shelton Noir and i love it. unfortunately, the line was discontinued last year :sad:, but if you call 866-VUITTON they can search their stores and if there are any, they'll ship it to you :yes:

    i love the Jasmin too, and a black one would be really nice :love:!
  10. *sigh* I love them both!! I think at THIS rate, I'll probably wind up getting BOTH :Push: (not at the same time of course) and living in the poorhouse for a while :crybaby: !! Meanwhile, I'm SUPPOSED to be saving up for a trip to Hong Kong. HAH!!! :wtf:
  11. If this is your last chance for the Mat Shelton do it!!! I've always liked that bag as well, if you don't get it now you'll regret it, the Jasmin is'nt going anyware right this minute...
  12. Yap agree, get it while you can:graucho: Maybe buy the Jasmin when you go to HK:graucho:,with tax free and strong dollar, I think it'll be cheaper there too.
  13. Out of the two choices, I'd pick the Mat Shelton. Mat is an interesting-looking material - I've always thought it looked like a "cousin" of Vernis.
  14. Buy the mat one now since it is discontinued. I love the Jasmin too.
  15. I vote for the Jasmin! But, make sure you consider which bag will best fit in with your lifestyle. If the Shelton is a bag you can see yourself carrying quite a bit and getting your money's worth out of it, then maybe that's a better choice. Still...the Jasmin is so elegant. There is no comparison in that department! :P