Epi Jasmin vs. Chloe Paddy ???

  1. ok I'm not sure which forum I'm supposed to place this in, please move it if I'm wrong (sorry!!). I've been wanting to purchase a red Epi Jasmin for a while (only to be sidetracked by a Mat Shelton and a Klara, but that's because there aren't any left!!). And NOW, I find myself being pulled toward a Chloe Paddington Medium in Garnet (I don't know if that's how the color is spelled). I haven't FOUND the Paddington yet, but when I see it, my heart just skips a beat (weird, yes I know). Actually not just the Garnet color, but the Cream color and the Whisky as well. (But I think I would only purchase one.. $1370 isn't cheap..) I don't know what to do!! The Paddington's are so hard to come by, I don't even know how to obtain one! Or should I just stick with the Jasmin since it's been on my wish list for so long?? :shrugs:
  2. I would stick with getting the Jasmin if I were you because it's much more of a classic than the Paddy IMO. Don't get me wrong, I do find the Paddy beautiful but it's more of a seasonal IT bag to me rather than a classic.

    But ultimately, get what you really love and enjoy it!
  3. :wlae: JASMIN:wlae: go for the jasmin!! :flowers:
  4. ^^^ I agree!
    The Jasmin is much more classic thanks to its structured shape and the epi leather.
  5. :yes: I agree.
  6. I wanted to provide pics.. but darn it, it's too late for me to edit!!! so here goes:
    p10260308_ph_althero_Red_Silver.jpg chloepadblanca1.JPG

    I couldn't find one of the Paddy in Garnet though..
  7. I'd go with the Paddy. The leather is just divine and it's a wonderful bag and they're harder to get whereas the LV Epis jasmin will be there even in a years time. Si I'd first get the paddy and later the jasmin. Good luck on your choice!
  8. I have the cream paddington and I don't really like it! It weighs a ton even when its empty!
  9. the jasmin!,its a very beautiful bag!
  10. I think the Jasmin is better because it's a classic and probably more durable than the Paddington since it's epi leather. Also, Paddingtons are so heavy and the lock scratches so easily, so you have to be really careful with it.
  11. How much would you say it weighs empty?? I've yet to see the bag IRL.. well.. except when a lady walks by with it.. :nuts:
  12. That's a tough one, I think everyone should have a Chloe, Balenciaga, and Chanel in their collection, especially Chloe and Balenciaga, they are soooo different than LV. That said though, I do still think LV tend to be more classic and will out live (wear and style) Chloe and Balenciaga.....I would go for the Jasmin and keep an eye out for Chloe sales in the future, they do go on sale.....
  13. My vote goes to the Jasmin...
    As Lola24 said Chloe goes on sale....
  14. At the actual Chloe store or at the department stores?? I've called Bloomingdale's and they told me that the bag is usually never in stock because they 'fly off the shelves'. :crybaby:
  15. Just keep an eye out, sometimes stores just order too much.....I've seen them on sale @ neiman and bergdorf (keep an eye on the online stores too), and I've heard of them being on sale @ Nordstrom. I was kind up in the air with which Chloe I wanted so I had on my list to keep an eye out for a sale, I got one of the three styles I liked, not a paddington, but like I said, I know some went on sale too....Most bags that I know go on sale I'll hold off on for an LV piece b/c usually LV only goes up....