Epi Jasmin & Speedy

  1. Pls pick one from the below combo...coz I can only afford one :sad:
    1) Jasmin Red
    2) Jasmin Black
    3) Speedy Red
    4) SpeedyBlack

    Some backgrounder : I already have a Damier Triana. Looking forward to get a Perfo pochette, most likely in green.

    My first choice was Jasmin black, but does colour looks better on Epi?
    I contemplate Speedy because I am afraid Jasmin is abit "formal" looking and only suitable for office. This is what I think...your opinions will be helpful to gain some insight. Thank you:P
  2. i would totally go for a speedy... maybe in the RED or the BLACK... good luck on what you decide!
  3. I second the speedy, red or black would be stunning and maybe less formal, both bags are lovely, good luck with your purchase.
  4. I think the black speedy would be very classy and classic.
  5. Wow:rolleyes:....... I love colour so red Epi......Speedy.:flowers:
  6. red Speedy
  7. Red Speedy!!!:love:
  8. Something red, your Damier is dark & classic so go for bright & cheery. The red is gorgeous & will go with a lot more than you think.
  9. Red Speedy girl!
  10. red speedy!!!!
  11. Red speedy
  12. Red Speedy here too.
  13. I love the red Jasmin!
  14. red speedy!
  15. Black Speedy!!!!!!! I own one and love it to pieces!!!!!!