Epi Jasmin Price - Decrease???

  1. I haven't been on tPF in a few days. Did I miss something? My husband bought me an Epi Speedy as a belated Valentine's day present. I wanted it so bad & now that I have it I'm not sure if I love it I was thinking about exchanging it for the Jasmin. I looked on Elux the other night and I swore it was 1090.00 I go on tonight and it's 990.00 is that right or am I just remembering the wrong price???????????

    Besides that what do you guys recommend Black ERpi Speedy or Black Epi Jasmin??

  2. OK that was really weird :confused1: :confused1: I just went back to the site and they changed the colors from blue & orange to white and red. They also changed the price back to 1080.00 They mustt've been updating when I saw the price difference. Damn I thought i was saving 100 bucks :sad:
  3. hehe, I notice these magic tricks too :smile:
  4. red epi jasmine is just georgeous. sigh, i really hope that they decrease the price.
  5. You got me all excited :p I wish the price really did decrease. Then I *MIGHT* have enough reasons to convince the bf that I really need to buy it now!

  6. I :heart: the black Jasmin, but I think it really depends on how big of a bag you need and what you are used to. I am a small bag kind of girl, so when I had a mono Speedy, I thought it was too big and got too heavy. When the Jasmin is filled up, it isn't very heavy. An Epi speedy is even bigger than a mono Speedy 25, so... I imagine it could get super heavy even if you only fill it up halfway. Also, depending on your needs, one could be more versatile than the other. For me, the more versatile bag would actually be the Jasmin, since I can use it for fancy dinners and parties, but also use it daily if I wanted to. The Speedy seems like it could be used casually and for work, but it's too big for dinner and parties.

    Please let us know whatever you decide on! And be sure to post pics :yes:
  7. I have time to decide Elux doesn't have black epi Jasmin in stock anyway.

    Little Panda thanks for the response!
  8. I have an epi jasmine and I like it bcos of its shape. But soemtimes its hard to get stuffs in and out of it because the leather is harder (framed).
    The speedy leather i believe is softer..maybe they use softer lining?
  9. What a nice present!!! Black epi is so sophisticated and carefree, whichever one you decide L-Rod.. lilpanda right about not using speedy for dress, Jasmine more versatile that way, but speedy is way cool too! Either way, it's the thought that counts! Right? love black epi!
  10. I like the Black Jasmin more than the Speedy...but I like the new Ivoire in both Speedy and Jasmin! The red Epi is TDF IRL too...so yummy I could potentially see myself getting a Red Segur in the future! :nuts:
  11. Veronika there is no thought involved my husband just gives me the money and tells me to buy whatever I want. I was in :heart: with the speedy but now that I have it, it reminds me of a doctor bag.... I guess b/c it's black
    I also have the black MC Bandeau to match. Thanks for the response Veronika!
  12. Karman I really love your new bag waaay more than mine - Congrats!
    I love red too I have a red epi pochette accessories. I loved it so much I wanted a bigger epi peice in black b/c I need a black bag.

    I saw the ivoire speedy and jasmine IRL too and I LOOOVE the jasmin. That's how I noticed it . It is Gorgeous. I thought I liked the Ivoire speedy from looking at pics but the Jasmin is waaay prettier IMO.

    I am IN LOVE with the new epi bowling but I don't have the extra money right now I'm saving to go to Vegas at the end of the month.

    Thanks for the help!!
  13. Doctor's bag... that's funny. You'd need all silver miroir accessories to match...lol...

  14. Hmmm... I'm going to look into that. I think I'm going to go to LV to see which one I like better. Thanks for the info!
  15. Lol- it does!

    I'm VERY interested in the Miroir Lockit. I hope it comes out in July.