Epi Jasmin or Epi Speedy

  1. Hey ladies, for those who own either or, what are the pros & cons to each style?

    e.g. speedy's opening is tighter than the jasmin
    e.g. jasmin's shape is not typical, so it looks cooler

    I'm choosing between the two, and haven't come to a decision.
  2. I like my epi speedy 30 because I like larger bags. I don't think I would be able to fit everything I need into jasmin. The opening on epi speedy 30 is pretty large so there is no trouble getting things in and out of the bag. And I have yet to see ANYONE with epi speedy in Toronto and surrounding areas.:nuts:
  3. epi speedy!
  4. I really like the shape of the jasmin, I think I would go with that one, but both are nice.:love: Which color are you thinking?
  5. Speedy :yes:

  6. speedy may be more practical.
  7. I like the speedy for size, but the jasmin for the shape.....hmmm, can't decide!
  8. Epi Speedy!!!
    I just got mine yesterday and it's beautiful! :nuts:
  9. since mandarin is discontinued now (i was debating the color, but i didn't make a decision quick enough, but it's fine b/c i'd rather be sure of a color), i'm going for the red for sure. i know the Cannelle is coming up, but i don't know how rich the color will be, will it have the depth of red, and whether it will go with black for the wintertime. Red seems to be versatile. And it's so bright, no thief is going to be able to steal the bag b/c it'll be like a beacon!

    anyway, i saw an older (50s) woman carrying a red jasmin the other day, and she was wearing mostly orange colored clothing with big white and gold flowers. surprisingly, the Red went very well. i mean, granted her whole being was loud, but she made it work for her age.

    i still couldn't decide if i liked the jasmin. it seems like an "older woman" style b/c the structure is more framed than the speedy. i like the casual yet can be dressy look of the speedy, but i worry that things will fly all over the place in it as opposed to the framed shorter structure of the jasmin, KWIM?
  10. i love my speedy! I have four of them! they are by all means by favorite lv bag!
  11. I would go with the speedy.
    IMO it looks best. Plus I tend to carry my life in my bag so the Speedy best suits this need.
  12. I love my mandarin epi speedy, I was between the Jasmin and the Speedy when picking but I decided I liked the speedy better in mandarin and it's more functional.....I see the Jasmin as a great interview bag, it's very structured and doesn't necessarily fit me for an everyday bag, it is very pretty though and I may get one one day, but between the two, the speedy was a better choice for me, especially in the mandarin....
  13. I also agree with you that the jasmin can seem like a more mature bag which is what has always made up my mind in the past.....I'm not THAT young, but I have a younger look/style.....so the speedy was a better fit....
  14. Both are beautiful. I think it depends what look you're going for. Speedy is more casual than the Jasmin. I'd love to have both eventually though.
  15. I have a jasmin, but if you are chosing between the two, get the speedy. I like the speedy and plan on getting one. I think that's more of a first choice than the Jasmin even though I love my Jasmin.

    And yes you can get more in the epi speedy than the epi jasmin.