Epi Jasmin or Damier Azur Speedy 30?

  1. I am torn between the two... I've been waiting forever for the damier azur speedy 30 on elux but still nothing yet. Now I see a great deal for the epi...and am so tempted to get it. Which one would you get?
  2. They're both pretty bags, but the Jasmin is much smaller than the Speedy 30. So it depend on how much room you need.
  3. I think if you like to dress up a bit more go for the Epi, but if you like to dress down and has more light color clothing then go for the speedy! GL ;)
  4. I vote for the Epi!:yes:
  5. I'd get the jasmin...

    However...how much do you love the speedy? If the great deal wasn't there, would you still get the jasmin? Sometimes it's easy for us to get caught up with great deals...

    Also, consider how much you carry on a regular basis. The jasmin is much smaller and more structured than the speedy so you'll have to take that into account.
  6. thanks for the input...the jasmin is 12 x 8 and the speedy 30 is 13 x7. not much of a difference...and i'm totally in love with the jasmin. i think i will get the jasmin!
  7. Speedy 30.
  8. I find the azur speedy more unique.
  9. I like the speedy better.
  10. My vote goes to the Epi Jasmin. :love:
  11. What color epi ?
  12. Epi jasmin def- any color would be wonderful
  13. hmmmm, i would have to know more about your current collection - but not knowing, I would go for the epi , the azur speedy will come back and you can get it then and it is part of permanent,
    i say satisfy your needs , now.
  14. Azur Speedy!
  15. I vote for the Jasmin! :love: