Epi Jasmin - Keep or not to Keep?

  1. Hi Everyone!
    So I used to have a pretty good collection of LV - consisting of all Mono and DE. Unfortunately I had to sell many of them (had lost my job at the time) and now I only have two left. (I say only 2 - which I am grateful for) but there are some I sold (pochette metis, retiro/noir that still haunt me.

    So now I have my Speedy 35 in DE (regular speedy) and I also have an Epi Jasmin (noir/black). Should I sell the Jasmin? I would really like to get an Artsy again or perhaps one of the new monogram or DE designs. What do you guys think? Here is a pic of her - she is 14 years old but in good shape. I feel like the Jasmin is more dressy and I'm a mom who doesn't get out much - but at least I could carry it to work, etc. Thank you!!!
  2. The Jasmin is very cute. I have had it a few years ago.

    But I think the resale value isn‘t very good. You will not get a lot of money for it. Si I wouldn‘t sell it!

    Sorry for my English
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  3. I think she is gorgeous, keep it.
  4. Your Epi Jasmin is in amazing shape and is a beauty; I would keep her. I still have my Epi Pont-Neuf and it is in excellent condition. There is something understated and elegant about Epi leather.
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  5. I love the jasmine I think it is classic and can be used for day or evening
    I would definitely keep it
  6. I think it's cute, I agree with cosima that you wouldn't get much for it, I would try to keep it, unless you don't use it at all, then sell to help fund something else.
  7. I would keep her. The Jasmin is a cute bag in a timeless shape. It may be something you will use later. I regret not getting one when they were available in various colors. As others said, resale is not the greatest so I say keep.
  8. The quality of your bag is superb! Since it probably won't sell well, I'd go ahead and keep it. :smile:
  9. Keep it, the resale market on this bag wont fetch you much. Its gorgeous tho!
  10. Definitely keep it! It is in great shape, perfect color, goes with everything, and it is simply cute!
  11. I love the style of this vintage bag. She is beautiful. Like the others have said, you will probably not recoup the money you would be looking for if you sold her. I would keep the bag and begin saving for another one that you want.
  12. Thanks everyone! I will keep her and see how often I use her
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