Epi Ivoire - Which bag to choose?


Which epi ivoire handbag?

  1. Epi Speedy 25

  2. Epi Alma

  3. Epi Petit Noe

  4. Others, please specify

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  1. Finally it's April and I get to purchase a new handbag. I would like to get something in epi ivoire but just can't make up my mind on one bag. I love epi speedy 25, Alma, and also petit noe in ivoire. Which one would you get and why?
  2. Passy PM--it is so classy but can be worn casually too.

    It can organize your things way better than the Alma and Speedys. The thing with the Speedys is I'm scared that the sagging would cause the Epi to crease permanently. And...I'm just not a big fan of the Alma.

    I've seen and tried on the Alma and the Passy PM IRL and I love the Passy wayyyy more!
  3. Karman, thanks for the helpful info. I will definitely check out passy pm also. Another bag to choose from... :idea:
  4. I like the Alma the best.
  5. The Speedy 25! I'm biased though.
  6. Yes, John, I love Alma in ivoire. It is so elegant. I am just concerned about the bottom may get dirty as it does not have feet. It is such a gorgeous bag!
  7. i second the passy. it's so clean and gorgeous. i like all the other styles too though because the ivorie is so classic, clean and amazing! you can't really go wrong with the other styles too.
  8. Epi Petit Noe is so comfortable to and ivorie would make it an elegant summer bag and easy to wear.
  9. Either Speedy 25 or Bowling Montaigne PM (not sure if Ivory was available for this bag or if was just the GM)
  10. I love the Passy!! Go with the passy (I voted for speedy)

    (why isn't Passy in Azur?)
  11. Speedy all the way.
  12. I think Speedy25 is a better choice and you will use it more often! I have a speedy 30 and the Noe...But I used mine speedy more than the Noe...I dont think Noe is useful at all...so its has been sitting in closet for a long long time........
  13. i have seen the speedy and its soooo gorgeous. that w would be my first choice then the alma.
  14. I saw most of the styles and I'd either get the Speedy or the Jasmin.
  15. nope, the bowling pm isn't available in ivorie...only gm size. :crybaby: