Epi initial belt?

  1. i saw an epi initial belt today at my boutique, but couldn't find it on eluxury, nor vuitton.com, does anyone know what color it comes in and also how much? is this a new or current or discontinued item? tks.
  2. Oooh. Thats sounds gorgeous. Try calling 1886vuitton. GL~
  3. There's one in the mens section, not sure if that's the one you're talking about. It's on the website. www.louisvuitton.com >> shopping >> mens >> belts, ties and accessories >> belts and it's right at the bottom. Was just looking at this yesterday lol.
  4. yes it's the same look with the LV buckle, but not in epi leather.
  5. the new epi comes in the black, cassic, grenade, and something else? red possibly

    I saw the grenade with silver buckle

    its on french LV .com
  6. ^ thanks. it's very pretty! i'm excited
  7. It's on the website, ivory, black, fuschia and cassis. At least on the UK site it is lol.
  8. yep, just looked it up, that's it!! it's gorgeous, can't wait for the cassis.