Epi in Toledo Blue and Myrtille

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  1. Does anyone have bags in both Toledo Blue and Myrtille? I have seen several pics (separately) and I'd like to see them side by side (not stock pictures) to really differentiate the two shades.

    Thanks much!!!
  3. I too am interested in seeing both next to each other. I've seen the myrtille in real life and i thought it looked a little bit indigo-ish. I haven't ever seen toledo blue in person so I don't know how they compare, but from pictures it looks deep true blue, no purplish tone.
  4. I would love to see pics too, I hope someone can help us out!
  5. Here is Toldeo Blue and Myrtille....:yes:
    blue speedy1.jpg Epi myrtille-1.jpg
  6. Excellent Ghost! :flowers:
  7. Which pic is myrtille? Cos the hardware looks gold on both bags to me, and the myrtille only came with silver.
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