EPI in Purple??

  1. I have read somewhere that LV is going to introduce EPI in purple this fall. If i am wrong please correct me here, didn't they have purple in epi before???

    Ohh..purple is my fav color. I am going to get one if this is true....I have a mandarin speedy 25. :heart: epi leather!!
  2. They had lilac in epi before, which is a light purple. Supposedly the new one is a deep purple. But did some members say it was only speculation?
  3. Really!!!! Sounds divine!!!!!!!

    Anyone have any infos???????
  4. ibet it will be gorgeous
  5. omg, a deep purple epi would be GORGEOUS!
  6. awww, that would be tdf.......
  7. I would def get the speedy if it was dark purple!
  8. I would definitely get one for sure. I hope they'll have the purple color for Noe/ Petit Noe :rolleyes: That'll be awesome :smile:
  9. Does anyone know what style of epi bags will be in purple????

    I read in some other threads saying that there'll be lockits in epi...mmm.....:rolleyes:

    so many new bags are coming out...........that means i need to save up.............AGAIN :sweatdrop:
  10. yes, yes, I so want purple lockit epi!!!!!
    is that true??