Epi in Ivorie and other light colours

  1. Hi all, I have been wanting the Epi Jasmin for years and years. Really what I want is that butter-yellow colour, but it does not seem like I will ever find a mint-condition one as it has been a long time since these were release.

    So, I am thinking about the Ivorie.
    What is the situation on keeping that color clean? Or is it like Azur where you think it would get dirty but it does not???

    (And while the bag looks hot hot hot in black, I am not ruling that out either, but I am trying to stay consistent with my need for a light-colored bag).
  2. I heard that the handle will turn black after sometimes. I my self want to buy sac plat mandarine but my friends told me that it'll turn black.
  3. I think the Jasmin would look real classy in Ivory ~ I don't think it'd get that dirty unless you never wash your hands ... I think it'll be fine!
  4. ? ? black ? ? how do they turn black?
    I have the petite noe in mandarine an the colour is just tine, it is still mandarine.

    has anyone hadtheir handles turn black on your epi ? ?
  5. I have an ivoire pochette montaigne and an ivoire soufflot, the handle/straps on both are holding up very well in terms of cleaniness. The epi leather is really easy to take care of, even if it does get a little dirty, it can easily be wiped clean. IMO - much easier to take care of than the vachetta.
  6. I've seen the lilac epi speedy handle take on colour.. I'm not sure if regular wipedowns will help with that - it may !