Epi Hot Stamp

  1. I took my Epi Pocket Organizer in to get hotstamped yesterday. I think it came out pretty good. Sadly, they don't have silver, so I ended up getting grey. I like it either way. I really wanted to do my Koala, but I just can't leave it!! I love that wallet too much. :girlsigh:

    I got my catalog as well. I haven't looked at it yet, though. For some reason they're not giving them away, but he gave me one secretly. Either way I'm happy. :yahoo:

    Pics are attached!
    epihotstamp.jpg epihotstamp2.jpg
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  2. Congrats! I love looking at hotstamps I think it really makes it your bag!
  3. That looks gorgeous, I love the color of your wallet!
  4. Weird that the LV stamp that it comes with is in silver.... lol but they dont have it? odd
  5. I love myrtille! That's beautiful!
  6. that's what i said...if you've ever seen the hotstamp book you'll be just as surprised as I was.
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  7. congrats!!!it looks really cute~~~~~
  8. It's adorable ! I really like that myrtile blue epi.
  9. I love the silver/blue combo!:love:
  10. cutieeee :P
  11. Nice! I've never seen the book of colors...would anyone know if LV can do a hot stamp in purple or red?
  12. red, yes. purple, i don't remember.

    basically the "book" contains pieces of fabric from the bags in several colors/lines, three different hot stamp sizes, horiz/vert, and the different hotstamp colors. the one at my store didn't have myrtille epi, but had black taiga...close enough, right?

    My SA has his brown Glace wallet hot stamped with a reddish-orange.

    And the reason hot stamping can take 3-5 days is because not only do they have to heat up the machine, but they have to heat up the letters. So the machine is really meant for easy pieces, such as the luggage tag, and the more intricate the location, the longer it can take. And if it's messed up, of course you get your piece replaced.
  13. Thank you!
  14. Oooh, it looks so pretty! When I took my luggage tag, the book I looked at didn't have silver or gold. The SA had to write gold on the order form since it wasn't there! I thought it was very odd as well.
  15. I think it looks great!