Epi HELP! Pont Neuf vs. Speedy 30

  1. Ok, so last night I bought the Speedy 30 in red. My super nice SA is also going to have the Speedy 30 in mocha transferred in, so I can compare the two colors. But now I'm wondering if the Speedy 30 is too bulky... I'm not a tiny person--5'4" and a size 14. So I need a bag with some "substance"--no tiny bags for me...

    What do you guys think about the Pont Neuf? In blue (myrtille) or red...


    vs. the Speedy 30?

  2. Hmmm, I like both bags. What do you prefer?
  3. I vote for the Speedy! It will always be a classic, but yet its still a casual, fun-looking bag. The Pont Neuf is a bit more "mature" looking, IMO. I also think the Speedy will be easier to use in terms of getting things in and out of the bag!
  4. I think the Pont Neuf is really pretty but a little formal, not too formal though. It's a really tough choice between the two
  5. Speedy!!! The pont-neuf is ok, but I love the speedy! I think the speedy would be easier to get your things in and out of as well.
  6. Speedy 30. :love: I just love the shape of the Speedy.
  7. I like the speedy much better!
  8. I like the Pont Neuf in blue or red. Looks very classy.
  9. I love the Pont Neuf! I was thinking about getting that one myself. I like how it comes with lots of sections already which makes organization easier, and it is a different style.

    The only drawback for me on the Pont Neuf is that it costs a lot more than the Speedy.
  10. I love both styles and have both styles. I have the damier speedy 30 and the Mandarin Pont Neuf. They're different styles. Speedy is more relax and casual and Pont Neuf, a little more on the elegant side. They're both gorgeous. I think that you need to try them both on and go from there:smile:
  11. Thanks ladies so far for your responses! I'm so torn. I think my "perfect" bag could be a Speedy 30 in Myrtille (Blue) but that's not possible--the bag wasn't made in that size & color combo and I can't do a SO.

    I think I need to go look at the Pont Neuf and compare it with the Speedy 30. I just want to be a 100% sure of what I want since if I want the Pont Neuf in Myrtille, I'll have to ask my SA to track it down. And I don't want him to track down something I'll just not want when I see it--you know?
  12. I prefer the look of the Pont Neuf. It is more practical with the outside compartment, and transcends the day to evening look more easily.

    I really like it, and was leaning towards it for my first bag. I tried it on in the store, and I loved it. (Ended up with the Duomo though).
  13. I adore the pont neuf, and it's much more unique !
  14. speedy!! It's an everyday bag.:yes:
  15. speedy