Epi Help please

  1. Does anyone have a black (noir) Epi Petit Bucket Bag? if so what color is your hardware? and the date code- how many numbers do you have?

    I purchased one that came with the original receipt but the date code does not look right...

    Thanks for your help..:sos:
  2. I know that the date code in '92/'93 was a bit different with some epi pieces, started with A and then had 5 numbers instead of the traditional 4 numbers and 2 letters. I don't know if thats true for the bucket as well
  3. The date code should have 2 letters and 4 numbers after the 2 letters.

    If you have any authenticity questions, please post them in the "Authenticate This Louis Vuitton" Sticky. ;)
  4. Did the bucket ever come in epi?
  5. Yes it did
  6. One of my Noes (the tri colored one) has a date code A11901. I heard that it's comon for limited edition bags to have date codes like that.