Epi Hardware

  1. Hi everyone,

    Does anyone know why they changed the Epi hardware to silver?? I absolutely hate it (no offense). Are there any rumours of the brass ones coming back?? It's so hard tracking down the remaining Epi items with this hardware...

    Any answers would be appreciated! TIA ;)
  2. Me too, I don't like the silver hardware on the Epi bags (except on Ivory). I think it will be for a longer time, that LV will use the silver hardware, sure for the next 2 or 3 years. I told my SA for golden hardware, and it's possible to make a special order for black and red Epi bags with golden hardware. You have to wait 5-6 months for it and the price will be 50% more then the normal price. I don't buy an other Epi bag till they use the brass hardware. Maybe you'll find one one eBay??
  3. I'm actually excited to learn that LV is designing more hand bags with the silver toned hardware. My SA says that this due to the fact that silver tends to be the fashion trend these past few years as well the upcoming years.
  4. I agree! I only like the silver hardware on the Ivory as well :tup:. I already managed to track down a black Epi Speedy 25, but what I wouldn't give for a black Porte Document Voyage with gold hardware too.... :girlsigh:
  5. I Like silver HW better but gold looks better on certain colors...
  6. I like the silvertone hardware. It's a nice change!
  7. you can still get the bags in gold hardware for the time being.
  8. Sorry, but I like the silver better too...
  9. Depend on the style.
  10. I like silver HW. I think it much more better than gold.
  11. I'm missing the gold too...the silver looks acceptable on the ivory though. I thought the reason was because the gold tarnishes so much. But then how does that make sense considering the the Damier and Monogram ranges are still gold? I am on the hunt for a red epi speedy with gold hardware...:love:
  12. i like the silvertone too.. and also the fact that it doesn't tarnish..
  13. i like silver better too. what better than hardware that matches your platinum and white gold jewelry!
  14. I miss the brass also as I do not wear too much silver. LV discontinued 'gold' HW around summer of 2006.
  15. I like the silver hardware better too. :tup: