Epi Grenade

  1. is this color coming in any bags???? speedy/noe/alma/lockit?
  2. I heard there was gonna be an alma! But I can not confirm this for you. now there's only the simple pochette and pochette montaigne
  3. My SA said that the Alma will come in the grenade color (in addition to the cassis)supposedly to be released in June. She didn't know any other bags, but it would seem that there would be more bags to come. We can only hope!!!
  4. I'd love an Epi Alma in the grenade color!! I called my local LV store but the SA that I spoke with wasn't sure whether or not the grenade color was going to be seasonal or not. If it's not seasonal, then LV might consider making larger sized bags in this color.
  5. I would love this in the Speedy or Lockit!