Epi Fever!!


Epi Segur PM....Which color do you prefer?

  1. Black

  2. Blue

  3. Cannelle

Multiple votes are allowed.
Results are only viewable after voting.
  1. I just got the Ivorie Soufflot about a week ago and now I want to go back for more :nuts:. I saw a red Segur PM and it looked so lovely!! I'm not a red kind of girl~~too flashy for me, but I've gotta have that bag!!

    Please help me choose a color: Black, Blue, or Cannelle.
  2. Black! :tup:
  3. Black sac montaigne is lovely;)
  4. Black is so classy and elegant!
  5. Black definatly!
  6. Black is a good color to get next!! Good luck!!
  7. I picked black and blue !
  8. I knew majority were going to pick black. I kind of want to stay away from that color. I have too many black bags. Nobody likes the cannelle color????
  9. Black gets my vote too!
  10. I voted black, but yes I do like Canelle a lot! If you don't want black, I vote Canelle!
  11. Black!!
  12. I have the black one and love it...here are some pics to enable you :graucho:


    seg7.jpg seg1.jpg
  13. I know you said you're not a red girl, but go for the red! It is stunning in Epi! Not too flashy, just right.
  14. I do!!!
  15. blue!